Helle Rude Trolle is a danish textile designer

Her work is based on a fascination of constructing structures in small or large scale. She is exploring the opportunities different materials possess through her weaving skills.

Kommende udstilling Gallerigangen Bagsværd Kirke 2020

Watch the weather change is information about the weather in 2012 woven from data on temperature, rainfall and sunshine hours.

THIS REMINDS of RAIN is a conceptual serie of different textiles that are all inspired by the phenomenon RAIN . Through focusing on the thread, the light and the reflection Helle has asked : Is it possible to bring the experience and sense of rain into a new media ?

Textiles can capture light, emit light and reflect light. Helle works with different sources of light in combination with the textile, which gives her an opportunity to explore various techniques and expressions in her work. She uses weaving, lace techniques and laser cutting.

Working with layers of textiles, brings the textile diversity into play. The surfaces changes in natural light and they interact with the beautiful shadows they cast open each other and their surroundings. Helle uses open techniques such as leno weave and investigate how several layers of weaving can interact with each other

TÆPPE til Det Danske instut i ROM udførst på Statens Værksteder 2015
Et samarbejde med Anne Louise Bang og Anne Mette Larsen Tekstile_illusioner

Udstilling Cirklens Kvadrat.
2. februar – 16. juni 2018