Atlas of the Blue of the Sky

‘Atlas of the Blue of the Sky’ involved examining the colour of the sky over the course of a year by photographing the sky every day at 12 noon. The photos were transformed into a colour atlas, which was in turn translated into textiles.

s it possible to document the overwhelming phenomena of nature? Can all the shades of blue in the sky be documented and put into a formula? Translated into textile?
That, more or less, was the task that Helle Rude Trolle gave herself in the project ‘In Search of the Colour of the Sky’. Every day at 12 o’clock noon, the textile artist took a photo with her iPhone pointed directly into the sky for a year, from January 2011 to December 2012.

There is a profound sense of universality in the knowledge that everyone on earth looks up at the same sky, only at different times of day. ‘In Search of the Colour of the Sky’ is a documentation archive, an atlas of the beautiful colour shades we can see over the course of a year. The archive covers a wide spectrum – from a light ethereal grey to a deep cyan blue. With this atlas, Rude Trolle seeks to draw our attention to something infinitely beautiful, universal and unifying for our common existence; something we should never take for granted but need to cherish and protect.

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